Ain't that a punch in the head?

Ain't that a punch in the head?

Friday, 21 January 2011

A bit of Nostalgia!

Fanatic Game Reviews: Loaded, Aliens Trilogy, Shining The Holy Ark and Fighting Vipers! Sega Saturn Edition!

Now I know I haven't posted in a few days and I would firstly like too apologize for my lazyness... but there's a plentiful amounts of nostalgia I'd like too share with you from my childhood! If you had a Sega Genisis or a Sega Saturn you may recognise some of these titles.
 Enjoy. :)

Loaded: Lunatics killing phyco's! 

Loaded (known as Blood Factory in Japan) is a science fiction-themed top-down shoot 'em upvideo game that was developed by Gremlin Interactive and published by Interplay. Loaded was released in late 1995–early 1996 (around New Year time) on both the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. The game had origins in DC comics and more notably the more adult-orientated Vertigo Comics, and there was a small graphic novel based on the game. The six playable characters of the game are a combination of villains, anti-heroes, psychopaths, perverts, mutants, and flamboyant murderers. They are, however, the last hope to stop the intergalactic supervillainGarth Ennis of Vertigo Comics and Greg Staples of 2000AD.

Later in the same year the game spawned a sequel using almost entirely the same characters and the same game engine, albeit one with mildly improved graphics, named Re-Loaded. Re-Loaded was released on the PlayStation and PC at the end of 1996. Although it did not enjoy as good sales as its predecessor, it did however have an acclaimed soundtrack which included music from Pop Will Eat Itself (as did the first game) and the game discs of both games could be played as audio CDs. Both games were notorious for their macabre sense of humor, over-the-top violence and extreme gore. code-named F.U.B. and save the universe.

Loaded was the first top-down shoot 'em up I've played and it made it's impressions of being so extremely violent and gory I couldn't keep my eyes off it. I would spend hours turning inmates into paste across the walls, definitely in my top 10 favorite games of all time, It lacked plot but the character development and all round mayhem caused some serious attention issues in my childhood.

Aliens Trilogy: It's Game over man! It's Game over!

Alien Trilogy is a 3D first-person shooter based on the first three movies in the Alien film series. It was released for the MS-DOS, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn platforms.

In the role of Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, the player experiences a story loosely derived from the first three films of the Alien franchise. Aside from occasional CGI cut scenes, the plot is told through text-based mission briefings that guide the player through an expanded, action-oriented story, drawing upon the settings and characters of the then-trilogy rather than through the specific plots of the films themselves.

The game begins in essentially the same manner as Aliens, as Ripley - here a Marine herself - travels to LV426 to restore contact with the colony there. The other Marines are wiped out, so Ripley must then travel through the infested colony and prison facility, and finally the crashed alien ship itself, to destroy the aliens and escape.

Aliens for me was terrifying, even that intro feature still gives me chills. It was clearly known for it's doom-like game play and lack of level design with crushingly hard  boss fights. It was a challenge for a 6 year old. I think now it would probably take about a few hours too complete. who knows maybe I'll post of video of me doing it.... ;)

Shining The Holy Ark: The Game Child

Shining the Holy Ark is a first person role-playing game released for the Sega Saturn. It is a part of Sega's Shining series of video games.

Three mercenaries - Arthur, Melody, and Forte - are hired by the King of Enrich to hunt down and capture a renegade ninja by the name of Rodi. The group pursues Rodi to the nearby mines where, after a brief skirmish, an unknown craft crashes through the roof. All four characters are gravely injured, but soon healed by being possessed by strange spirits. While those inhabiting Arthur, Melody, and Rodi seem benevolent, Forte is occupied by an evil spirit. From here the story follows the three unwitting heroes as they fight to stop the revival of the legendary 1,000 year kingdom, which would return the world to an age of darkness.
 This game for me really opened up allot of my nerdy side as a kid with the whole fantasy thing with swords, shields and magic! It's the first RPG turn-based game I played on the Sega Saturn. I remember requesting this specifically (nudging my brother for several weeks) because I played the original shining in the darkness released in japan in March 29, 1991 on the Sega Genesis which was the first console I ever owned. :) The game itself was very compelling, the graphics were very decent at the time of release in 1996. It opened up worlds of RPG games that I've played relentlessly for years.

Fighting Vipers: Smash that armour!

Fighting Vipers is a 3D fighting game developed by Sega AM2.

The game was first released in the arcade in 1995 using the Sega Model 2ported the same year to the Sega Saturn with significantly reduced graphics.

fighting Vipers features a similar style of gameplay to Sega-AM2's more renowned Virtua Fighter series, specifically Virtua Fighter 2

The game is set apart with two unique features. Most notably, each of the 9 characters featured in the game sports armor of some kind or another that can be broken off by opponents leaving characters much more vulnerable and able to take much more damage. A human shaped meter in the top corners of the screen monitors the damage to your armor. Secondly walls surround each arena, caging the combatants in, allowing for attacks in conjunction with them (bouncing off etc.), and if the correct combination is hit at the round's finale, characters can punch their opponent straight through the walls.

When ported, Fighting Vipers offered other modes besides Arcade and Vs. Playback Mode and Training Mode both of which are now used widely in the genre, by games such as TekkenSoul Calibur. Players could save their matches and play them again in Playback Mode, while Training Mode talked you through the moves of each character one-by-one. 

As the video describes quite clearly it wasn't as good as virtua fighter but it's just so cool! smashing off armour with a skateboard or guitar? hell yeah!

Question of the day! What's your favourite game from your childhood? Lemme know in the comments! :)



  1. first off, nice blog!

    Let's see... one game that I have linked deeply with my childhood memories is the original Dungeon Siege. I played that game so much and spent so much time spending the vast, beautiful terrains alone and with friends that I still remember certain landscapes that take my breath away.

    Also, Diablo II and Warcraft III are great games I played a lot and remind me of my friends.

    Ah, the nostalgia.

  2. thanks for your comment .

    love your post...but no idea about games !
    but it's very interesting , you give me lots of informations when I have to do some gift.


  3. I never had a Sega. I was born and raised on a Nintendo 64, though. Specifically Super Smash Bros, and Super Mario 64. I'd have to say Super Mario is my child hood favorite, if I had to choose one over the other. << following.

  4. nice collection man. liked the loaded

  5. It's depressing that most of the games put out today don't compare to some of the older gems, eh?

  6. Has to be Socom 2: Us Navy Seals, ps2 online ;D i fucking loved that game

  7. helloooooooooo,

    thanks so much for your really cool comment....i love it :)

    i love your post :)

    Wish you a great weekend!

    with love

  8. My favorite game of Sega Saturn was Marvel Vs Street Fighter!

  9. I used to love the Dare to Dream games for MSDOS when I was a kid. Took me years as an adult to find all 3 games. Followed.

  10. Loaded was much better on the Ps1, Shining force rocked though